I totally missed February…

Looking back, I’m not sure I was aware that February was flying by. Maybe it was because I had a birthday, and I wanted to forget that part. Who knows.

What was going on that took so much of my attention that I didn’t mark the passing of my favorite month with any sort of celebration or thought? I somewhat remember a get together at my house to jointly watch the big professional football championship game and make festive note of my birthday. Valentine’s Day was in there, and I do recall now taking my wife out for a special lunch. I may have had a cold in there somewhere, not unlike now. Oh wait, I do recall having a headache last month that lasted for a week and a half.

But what else was in there? Did it snow? What the heck happened to last month?

Oh, February, forgive my faltering mind.



That word probably makes you think of the mystical grounds in England that are home to great stone monoliths arranged in fascinating patterns. Well, that’s good. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Every year, my father and brother arrange a trip in mid or late August (a joint birthday trip for them, as it were) to a golf course in east Tennessee known as Stonehenge (one would think they would have a nice website – but one would be wrong). It’s a very nice golf course, and every summer the administration there offers a two day play pass and over night stay for only $100. I have missed the last two trips that have been planned, but I am once again going this year. There will be eight of us in all, and it should be a very fun time. Aside, of course, from the horrid play that will no doubt ensue quickly after teeing off on the first hole.