About the Author

I am a web designer and faux-developer by day. By night, I am the father of three children and the husband of a beautiful wife. I try to do things with my spare time such as writing, drawing, gaming, and reading.

My greatest desire is Christ, though it may not always seem like it — that’s because I’m an awful person, but He is changing me. I yearn to love others, do for others, and never be a hinderance to anyone. My brokenness often mars my attempts. It is in my brokenness that His grace and mercy abound. I’m thankful that He has covered me in His own goodness.

I have taken part in many adventures, some real but most completely imaginary. I have not hoarded treasure or happened upon any magical items in any of them, however. My primary abilities tend to gravitate towards intelligence and charisma. I am lacking in dexterity and constitution. I am currently low on hit points.

I have never participated in any type of competitive fighting tournaments, though I am a ninja master at heart. I don’t own a ninja suit, but I am willing.

I enjoy thunderstorms and other inclement weather, although I have no desire to see harm to anyone or damage to anything as a result. I fancy steaks, good music, a few television programs, trying to play golf, school and office supplies, chocolate ice cream, sleeping, road trips, coding, going to movies, watching football and hockey, dancing to make my wife laugh, being with friends and family, and a variety of other things that are generally unusual. When I was not yet five years old, I would hide behind the couch and attempt to eat sticks of butter.

I will attempt to add more here when necessary or as new data is discovered.


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