My Burrito Made Me Sad

I just got a burrito from a popular fastfood restaurant that specializes in things taco.  The burrito was advertised as being both cheesy and filled with a double portion of beef. I was intrigued, and I was lured in. The first bite wasn’t bad; in fact, it was pretty good. The second bite, however, presented the endless bounty of sadness that the burrito had to offer: a cascading flow of rice. Rice in a burrito says one thing to me, “We filled the majority of your burrito was tasteless, carbfodder. Enjoy.”

I’m sad now. I’m very sad, and that burrito and it’s rice innards are to blame. I may not recover from this.


2 thoughts on “My Burrito Made Me Sad

  1. If I were you, I would go back to that restaurant and order 10 burritos. I would then sit in the busiest portion of the restaurant and loudly critique each burrito as I ate it. Of course, after eating 10 of them, your colon would probably explode right there on the spot. Maybe you should just disregard this message.

  2. I know I’m late to the discussion, but, in these economic times, who has the money to buy 10 burritos in order to make a statement? Perhaps my judgement is clouded here by being married and not being allowed to hold money of any denomination on my person.

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