A really, really long time…

Okay, this is the obligatory, “It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted. So, here I am” post.

Many things have happened since last I wrote. Cloverfield debuted, and it was great. We had our third baby – a girl this time. She is doing quite well. Our youngest son had another surgery, and he and I recently shared the flu. Whiskerino has come and gone, and now I’m left with a rather lengthy goatee. We just had our first significant snowfall in many years. Truly, a lot has happened.

I will now make the customary, and also obligatory, pledge to post more often. Who knows if I’ll actually be able to do that, but I’ll certainly try. A new “Geek Peeks” is long overdue, so I’ll try to get one of those together. In any case and until then, rest well and dream of large women.


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