Wisps and Whiskers

Happy Halloween to all. May the Great Pumpkin rise from your pumpkin patch with lots of toys.

Tomorrow is the first day of Whiskerino, and as such I have already shaved off my full compliment of facial hair to take part in a documentary of the event. For those who are not aware of the Whiskerino and who are also unable/unwilling to click the link for more information, the Whiskerino is an event held every two years wherein men from all over the world (though a large contingent is here in Middle Tennessee) shave clean on November 1st and grow beards until March 1st. Photos are taken, stories are told, and lives are changed. It is fun for all. I will have to shave once more in the morning to ensure that the palette is clean and smooth and ready to be properly bearded. And oh, it will be bearded.

And by the way… minor bun engine made Benny Lava.


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