Cereal Mascot Battles

We got into quite a discussion here at work when I posed a simple question: If you were forced to fight, who would you least like to be your opponent, Tony the Tiger or Count Chocula?

I’ve always been fond of the Count. In fact, I’ve always respected him as a vampire willing to present himself as a role-model and moral compass for children. I’m pretty sure I would fear him in battle, as I wouldn’t know for sure how far his vampiric powers might go until it was likely too late. With Tony the Tiger, what you see is what you get: a great beast of a tiger wearing an ascot. In my opinion, I would like to fight either, and I find making a decision difficult.

A general consensus was made that Tony the Tiger would be the most likely to best any of us, which of course takes nothing away from the Count. Alas, one had to be picked.

In any case, after pursuing the discussion for likely much too long, and after bringing in nearly every other cereal mascot we could think of, I decided it best to see if any such research had been done on the Internet. I was certainly not disappointed. Enjoy this brilliantly written battle of the cereal mascots.


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