Superheroes have made quite the comeback in television, film, and video-gaming over the last few years. I’m all for the comeback, especially when well done. It has gotten me to thinking a lot about super powers, and what the world would really be like if they existed.

Do you think, given the current state of the world and the general idea of self, that if super powers were present in a select few, that most of that group would tend to use their powers in selfish ways? Would powers just be a way to be popular, rich, or esteemed? How many of the group, let’s say of 100 people, would choose to use their powers to help others and be true heroes?

Let’s give out a power or two here: If you had super-human strength, super-human healing and toughness, and the ability to fly, what would you do? Would you use your powers for truth and justice? Would you use them to horde wealth, draw in ranks of goons to do your bidding, and establish an ellaborate, if not completely ineffective, super-stronghold shaped like your head?

Who has thoughts? Are they super-human?


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