Geek Peeks

Darth Vader’s First Assignment is a really well done short film splicing together audio and visuals from Star Wars and Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail. Thanks to co-worker and arch-enemy Josh Cherry for the link.

The Shire, Place of Enchantment – Ever want to settle down in the Old World? Well, this planned community in Oregon attempts to make your dreams come true. Don’t expect Hobbits though. This is eighteenth century England Shire and not Tolkien Shire. Too bad. Since it’s not Tolkien, I’m not really sure if this classifies as a true “Geek Peek”, but I’m putting it here anyway. Let’s be honest, I clicked on it initially because I thought it may be Tokien-related, and I’m guessing their marketing people probably figured that’d happen. Targeted Geek acquired.


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