Death to Sting-rays

I admit that the recent death of Steve Irwin hit me with a good deal of sadness. I’m not sure why, but I guess he always seemed to be a genuine guy; a person who came by his fame and popularity honestly. Apparently though, there was more to his death than just an accident.

It must have been at the annual Sting-ray conference last year where all the sting-rays of the world finally decided it was time to take out Steve Irwin. After a unanimous vote by the sting-rays of the Earth, Irwin’s fate was sealed.

After some unknown folks in Australians learned these facts, they have decided to strike back. Since all the sting-rays of the planet are responsible, all of the sting-rays of the planet will pay. And thus, these vigilantes have begun the eradication of all sting-rays to avenge the fallen.


2 thoughts on “Death to Sting-rays

  1. i’ve been pondering taking out a batch of sting rays at opry mills, at the sting ray petting zoo, to join in on this brilliant idea.

    then i’ll dress up like a mermaid and lure pirates into the deep.

  2. Lest we think that the sorts of people who might revenge kill a stingray live off in a shack up the crick, know that some white collar professional type over where Tim works beat a goose to death while on his lunch break in front of some other employees.

    Of course, he very well could have been a white collar type who lived in an upscale shack where the crick widens to a stream.

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