Geek Peeks

The Gray Ooze That Ate the Indonesian Villages – Looks like at least one creature from the world of Dungeons & Dragons may have been discovered. Who would have thought that gray ooze could have possibly grown so large. I’d have to say that this one probably has better than 3d8+3 hit dice.

Is World of Warcraft More Than a Game? – Newsweek has a three page story all about the phenomenon that is the massive multi-play online role-playing game that is World of Warcraft. Now, I admit that I played WoW quite a bit there for a while, but I did eventually lose most interest in it. Until I started playing again about a month ago, albeit at a greatly reduced rate. More than a game? I don’t know. I’m sure some it is for some, but then again, so is poker.


One thought on “Geek Peeks

  1. I never thought it was real life, but it took away from my ability to conduct my real one. Such a fun game, but for someone with more self control than I possess.

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