Planet Lost

I woke up this morning believing there were nine planets in our solar system. After a little morning news, I’ve discovered there are now only eight. Pluto has been reclassified as a dwarf planet and is no longer counted in with the other eight “classical” planets. What does this mean to you? Are you sad? Am I sad?

More information on our lost planet.


6 thoughts on “Planet Lost

  1. I just read the other day that we might be gaining three more new ones and now we’re losing Pluto?!?

    Hmm. Those double question marks sandwiching the exclamation marks might have been excessive. This news doesn’t really shake my world. I doubt it even shakes Pluto’s world. If Pluto is still a world.

  2. They go through various committees. Evidently there isn’t just a list of lesser Roman Gods who vie for the right.

    Though it would be fun to go out on a night without cloud cover and watch them vie in the sky.

  3. i’d like to think that a “what” will be naming the worlds. here’s a list of some things that may qualify to name a world:

    a bisquit
    the lochness monster
    Uncle Jessie from Full House

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