The taste of hobbit…

I’ve been somewhat reluctant to post of late due to a blogging boycott I was partially, unofficially involved in. Well, since another person who was officially taking part in the boycott (which was aimed at getting a fellow blogger to update his blog) has caved, I figured it’d be safe for me to go ahead and post. And I was suddenly given reason…

It seems a fellow co-worker, let’s just call him Randy because that’s what he is called, has been selected to take part in the beta-testing for the upcoming MMORPG – the Lord of the Rings Online. I also signed up to be a beta-tester a few months ago, but I have not been picked (yet anyways – they go through phases of testing and invite more and more as they go). So, now though happy for him, I must destroy him and take his place. I must now embrace my role as beta-testing doppleganger.

So, here goes.


2 thoughts on “The taste of hobbit…

  1. If you use any of the moves you learned from my blog, I cannot accept responsibility. Unless this game is really cool and you post screenshots.

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