Meet the new boss…

Fortunately, same as the old boss. I am, of course, talking here about Optimus Prime. Via an interview on G4TV’s coverage of Comic-Con 2006, the producer of the new Transformers movie announced that Peter Cullen will be reprising his role as the voice of Optimus Prime.

Sweet Fancy Moses!


3 thoughts on “Meet the new boss…

  1. i must say, i’m somewhat worried about this movie… will hollywood steal yet another of my fond childhood memories and twist it into a money-grubbing abortion in order to glom even more of my hard-earned cash flow?? how often must i get my heart crushed? how often has hollywood played the incurable tease and gotten up my hopes for sweet, sweet movie fullfillment only to have said hopes fail, dashed by half-assed writing and crappy CG?

    i refuse to be played again!

    also: do you think it’s gonna be awsome? ’cause if it’s gonna be awsome, then i’ll go see it… oh… i’m such a push over…

  2. I agree that it could be really bad. Here’s to hoping it surprises me like the Lord of the Rings trilogy did. I’ll try not to judge based on the stupid, stupid teaser they’ve released. More to the point, A+ on word usage with “glom”. Nicely done.

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