Mean cheetos…

Last night after the youngest was snoozing, Andy and I were sitting on the couch by the front window waiting for Jenny to get home from work. It was dark, and we didn’t have any lights on aside from the porch light. It afforded a good look at the bugs flying around the window. Earlier in the evening, we had been outside for just a moment, but I had told him we needed to go in to avoid getting bit by mosquitos. Tuck that gem away, will you?

In any case, as we were sitting there, being silly and watching out the window, a big moth flew by. It startled Andy, because it looked like it was flying straight for us. Fortunately, the window intervened. I told him that moths (called heebas in our home for some reason) don’t bite, and it couldn’t get in anyway. Andy then asked the question of the night. “Will that heeba help get the mean bugs, so the cheetos won’t get me?”

I was perplexed. Andy continued to reference cheetos in the most unusual ways for quite a while. Then it finally dawned on me that the cheetos were actually mosquitos. Oddly enough, I ate cheetos today.


2 thoughts on “Mean cheetos…

  1. oh man, that is great. i’m sitting at my computer at home, checking blogs, no one in the house, laughing. what are you doing right now?

    we call them heeba’s, too. it would be silly not to.

  2. That’s classic. I have now made the switch in my lexicon. On South Beach anyway, so I don’t even eat cheetos any more.

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