My hair is thinning and graying quite a bit, but that doesn’t really bother me. My beard doesn’t come in all that fully, but it is adequate I suppose. The thing that really bugs me about my head/facial hair? My beard and hair do not connect, so I can’t grow decent sideburns. It’s fine when my hair is long, but if my hair is short my sideburns are disconnected islands of facial hair. In this picture I have long hair and a full beard, so it’s not a big pain at the moment.

I’m sure it’s not as evident to the most casual observer as it is to me, and my wife doesn’t mind at all; in fact, she loves when I have “sideburns”. Alas, it is a source of great pain and inner turmoil.


One thought on “Disconnected

  1. you could grow paper on your face. if you grew paper, people would notice, and probably stare. then you would have to harvest the paper, and start a company where said paper was used.

    then where would you be?

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