I always kind of liked the Rocky movies (at least the first four as I never got around to seeing the fifth). Rocky and Rocky II were always considered to be good films in critic circles, so I’ve never really felt weird about liking them. Rocky III and Rocky IV are certainly more guilty pleasures than anything else. Earlier in the year when I heard that Sly was making Rocky VI, I really thought he had gone around the bend. Afterall, how many times can you come up with enough surrounding story for a boxing movie? Well, I saw this trailer just now, and I have to say that it’s peaked my interest. They may be going about it the right way. You can never be sure, of course, but at least it holds a lot more promise than I had thought possible.

You can see the trailer here.

If you didn’t like any other Rocky films, I can’t imagine why you would even think about it. It’s definitely for fans of the series. But be of good cheer! If you like boxing movies, I hear that Robert De Niro is considered three sequels to Raging Bull. In the third and final installment, early word is that he’ll be fighting Abe Vigoda. Abe Vigoda and snakes.


3 thoughts on “Rocky XXIIV

  1. oh man. Bobby vs Abe vs snakes. could it be any better than that? throw in a song by Survivor, a cameo by Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake, and a carton of Lucky Strikes, and we have a visual Royal Rumble of joy and undigestible brain food to carry us to the next misplaced holiday film.

  2. Just look at real life boxers like George Foreman, well past their prime but stepping into the ring and using their wisdom (I can’t believe I just said that in refernece to a boxer) and experience to beat their younger oppontents. Then again, it could be “Over The Top II”. Too bad its not 3D … far too few 3D films.

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