Science Friction

I’ve always been a fan of science fiction. I remember growing up to the original Star Trek episodes, monster magazines, and old sci-fi movies. I still love them all, and generally, the older and cheesier the better. It goes without saying that when the Sci-fi channel was introduced I was ecstatic. I would be able to watch all those old television series and movies to my heart’s content.

Only different.

It seemed to start out okay, although I admit they were able to find old television shows that were so bad not even I could stomach them. But still, it was fine. I was willing to take the unwatchable as long as occassionally I could tune into “Lost in Space”, “The Incredible Hulk”, or a some Godzilla or Gamara movie.

Then they started in with a whole bunch of very, very bad original programming. Don’t get me wrong, they have on occassion hit on a good one (their remake/rework of Battlestar Galactica, for instance, is superb,) but most was to be completely avoided. I won’t get into Mansquito.

But now, they’ve hit bottom. I don’t even think I can go into how ridiculous it is for the Sci-fi channel to jump headlong into such misplaced programming. I’ll just let you see for yourself. Science fiction, where have you gone?


7 thoughts on “Science Friction

  1. oh, man… i’ve noticed this too. what the crap?! as a devoted sci-fi geek, i was uspet when they started showing all the “supernatural” stuff… that’s not sci-fi, that’s fantasy or horror or whatever. at least i still have my stargate and galactica… oh, and the new dr. who series.

  2. I really wish I had been able to get into the whole Stargate thing, as it has been long-lived and spawned a spin-off. For whatever reason, I fell off that boat. As I said, I agree that Galactica is brilliant. I’ve seen very little of the new Dr. Who series, but you’re not the first who has mentioned to me that it’s good stuff.

  3. you, know… i went two years without cable (it really wasn’t bad) and when i finally got cable again i was excited b/c i’d have my nerd channels… sci-fi, discovery, the history channel… and soccer… and i’ve come to find out that they all suck now… except soccer. i think i’m going to cancel my cable after the world cup.

  4. that’s true, but does it outweigh the copious amounts of home re-decorating type shows? well… probably… mythbusters is pretty cool…

  5. A very nice and intresting topic to speak, even i too a very big fan of scrience friction recently i saw few episodes of science friction on discovery i really could not belive that there can be a life in some other planet and this stargate is the key to enter. And the movie stargate is too good and in the movie they have shown the stargate to enter new world.
    lastly i would not forget by saying is ” Its an undiscovered gate once anyboby finds this gate there can be a magic between two worlds”

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