Shallow roots of humanity

Mathematically, Adam and Eve existed, and we’re all related. A very interesting article that I can’t explain better than it can.


5 thoughts on “Shallow roots of humanity

  1. The one flaw is that they didn’t calculate in the people eaten by dragons or, as they are now termed, dinosaurs. 🙂

    Of course, then they could have titled their work “How to Lose All Credibility with the Scientific Community.”

    Not that that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to someone.

    By the by, though I am making jokes, I happen to believe that dinosaurs did indeed live at the same time as men. I care not for those who would mock me.

  2. A very interesting article that anyone can explain better than it was.
    The eve should have not listened to the serpant to have a bite on aplle…which the eve did eat an apple and became a normal human. I hope if i am not wrong that god had said them not to listen to the serpant and never look on a apple tree.
    If eve had not ate apple then where would we be …………….in forests?

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