Fast typer?

How fast can you type?

If you’ve ever wanted to test your typing speed try this site. I tried a couple of times. My first attempt yielded 91.78 words per minute, but the best of three was 94.11 words per minute. Of course, were I to try typing that quickly and feverishly all the time, I’d be on my sixth or seventh nervous breakdown.

Still, fun.

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2 thoughts on “Fast typer?

  1. i find that i can type much faster when i’m coming up with things to say on my own, rather that regurgitating someone else’s stuff.

    that said, i typed this at 200wpm. at least.

  2. 77 wpm here. I figured I was in the 70s even before the testing. Possibly because of all the weed and psychidelic music I was listening to at the time.

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