Spider-Man 3

I saw a trailer for this last night on some television show I was rushing passed and just happened to catch every bit of it. Let me just say “Wow!”. I am absolutely giddy for this already. It looks as if they are introducing more story from the comics here, but quite a bit out of order. A little frustrating, but I’m not all that miffed. What I saw looks great, and I can deal with Hollywooding.

Get the sand out of your eyes, check out the site, and watch the teaser trailer!


4 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3

  1. Brilliant direction Sam Riami, mind blowing visual effects and graphics. Tomby magwire has beautifully expressed in both the characters…… But I liked the first two parts of spiderman which has got more actions and most of the time you can see spiderman on the screen.
    Sam Riami should have come out with a diffrent concept and more actions. All the Best….Sam Riami…CHEERS!

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