The Back

I have hurt my back a time or two, usually doing something as relatively mundane as sneezing or turning over on the couch, and it never ceases to amaze me how completey vulnerable, useless, and incapacitated a back injury makes you. The back is an insidious, although useful contraption, and as anyone who has had a back injury can tell you, it is apparently linked to every other conceivable function and movement of the human body. Still, I never really think about it unless a back injury presents itself. Such is the case now.

My wife has a bit of history with hurting her back stemming back to when she initially hurt it at her job several years ago. From time to time it flares up and causes her pain and a good deal of grief. She has hurt it again over the last weekend and is even now lying in bed attempting to happen upon some semblance of a pain-free position.

Were the back not so important, I think I’d have mine removed.


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