New look… new start.

A new beginning of sorts. I haven’t posted on this blog in a very long time, so I thought I’d freshen up the look and try to start writing again. At least I’ll have the opportunity to pop out a few new top ten lists. So, in that line of thinking, here’s a new top ten.

Top ten reasons to try to blog again:

10. Desperate envy for all of you successful bloggers
9. Insatiable desire to spout opinions on meaningless topics
8. Good way to stop pesky ants
7. Blog is a fun word, thus it must be fun to do
6. Another way to promote poor grammar and speling
5. Really need to work on wasting more time
4. Blogging does not release harmful greenhouse gasses
3. One word: mellifluous
2. New task to practice my procrastination
1. No pants required


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