killing stuff

I’ve managed to hit very few animals while driving vehicles during my life. I’ve even managed to hit very few already dead animals while driving. This morning, however, was an exception.

During my 40 minute drive to work I managed to hit and kill/maim two squirrels and one already dead oppossum. The three incidents were spread out over the entire drive, and each on a different road. I can’t say exactly what was going on, but if I were you I’d stay out of my way today.

Obviously, it’s my day to kill stuff. And the day is far from over.


One thought on “killing stuff

  1. This is Julie…sorry..I have not signed in yet. I have only killed one creature in my driving career. It was when I was 18y/o. I was on my way to work and a bird flew into my windshield. I pulled to a screeching stop. It was still alive! But obviously going to die, and still in my windshield! I stood there crying. I didn’t want to touch it…yuck! But I couldn’t let it suffer anymore. Some nice old man stopped and pulled it out from under my windshield wiper. He was going to throw it into the ditch. I asked him to kill it first. He promptly gave it a couple of good thuds against his van and then pitched it. I cried the whole way to work. What a horrible day. I hope your day turned out better.

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