saturday’s golf outing

I journeyed with my brother and my dad to a course near Shelbyville called Blackberry Ridge. My brother had acquired two free passes, so the three of us played 18 holes with a cart for the small sum of $29.00. So, the course could have been a poorly kept backyard, and we still may have gotten our money’s worth. On the contrary, however, the course was very well layed out. The only trouble was some onion grass on the fairways here and there, and some new sod that never really managed to get going.

I started off with two straight pars. However, those were soon countered with bogies and double bogies. I did manage to par a couple of holes here and there, but no birdies were to be found. I had some good tee shots, some decent irons, a good chip or two and even a few decent putts. Nothing too tremendous, but definitely not a terribly frustrating round. All in all, we had a fun time. I ended up shooting a 90 (45 out, 45 in). I admit there was a mulligan or two, but it’s not like I’ve been playing regularly or anything.


One thought on “saturday’s golf outing

  1. 90. You shot 90. You suck. I played last summer… with a guy who would eventually attempt to sleep with my wife incidentally… and I shot like.. 110..

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