Then, that one time…

It seems like it’s been almost five years since I blogged last. It only seems that way because it’s accurate math and science.

So, what’s happened in the past five years? I have no idea, but I’m willing to let it go by just saying, “a bunch” or some such. This isn’t a life story area, so I don’t really know what you were expecting. I don’t know what to tell you.

The real question is, am I going to start blogging again? In fact, you may be asking yourself, “is he going to start blogging again?” You may be missing the top ten lists, the dry humor, the geekcentric links, and even the occasional glimpse into the things that happen in my life, and I really wouldn’t blame you. I miss all those things, too. The answer is a resounding, “maybe.”

The truth is, I can’t be sure if I’m going to start doing this again somewhat regularly or not. I’d like to think I will. I really enjoy writing, and I also enjoy imaging someone out there enjoying what I’ve written. It’s an imaginary, joyful circle.

Here’s to hoping. Also, Bob Costas has some major eye stuff going on, and I’m glad my kids don’t have it.

Blogging is such sweet sorrow…

I’m quite guilty of not having blogged in quite some time. Ironically, web innovation and convenience are completely to blame. It’s Twitter‘s fault specifically. The ability to jot down a short message with the web browsing equivalent of a flick of the wrist is inviting and satisfying. Not even the 140-character limit is any type of deterrent; in fact, expressing a quick thought or notion in such a short span is puzzle-solving fun.

I do plan on blogging from time to time, and I know a person or two does read this for whatever reason. I do enjoy doing it, but with the hectic nature of my life these days, my 140-character addiction seems a much better fit.

For those of you starved to read my words, please follow me on twitter. I promise I update it a lot.

I totally missed February…

Looking back, I’m not sure I was aware that February was flying by. Maybe it was because I had a birthday, and I wanted to forget that part. Who knows.

What was going on that took so much of my attention that I didn’t mark the passing of my favorite month with any sort of celebration or thought? I somewhat remember a get together at my house to jointly watch the big professional football championship game and make festive note of my birthday. Valentine’s Day was in there, and I do recall now taking my wife out for a special lunch. I may have had a cold in there somewhere, not unlike now. Oh wait, I do recall having a headache last month that lasted for a week and a half.

But what else was in there? Did it snow? What the heck happened to last month?

Oh, February, forgive my faltering mind.

Firm but civil

As young men and women, we are taught that when one shakes hands with another, the handshake should be strong and firm. The purpose is to present yourself as strong and confident. In fact, studies show that a person with a firm handshake is more likely to land a job than a person using the “limp fish” handshake (the “limp fish” handshake is also known as apathetically placing your dead hand in the general path of someone else’s handshake.) So, yes, we must all have firm handshakes and promote ourselves as best we can.

However, let’s not go overboard. Having a firm handshake is one thing, but attempting to crush another person in a kung-fu death-grip is quite another. I have been in some handshake duels in my time – duels that end with white-knuckling and blue fingertips. To some, and it happens mostly with man/man handshakes, the custom itself  becomes a test of manhood. Handshakes become a way to show dominance or win mating rights or something. Let’s take it easy people, firm doesn’t mean pain. Let’s keep this thing civil.

If I shake your hand, I want to know you’re into it, but you don’t need to defeat me.

Finishing Headlines…

This will hopefully become a regular feature here. The object here is to complete headlines with my own subtle changes and additions. Seems to me that so many headlines are ripe with possibilities, so why not explore them. My change to headlines will be in bold. Here goes. Enjoy.

    1. Removing cats to protect birds backfires on island as it sinks into sea
    2. Firefighters charged with using arson to get work, chicks
    3. Stocks tumble on disappointing retail sales causing severe bruising
    4. Panel: Technology alone can’t protect kids online – Ninjas, Gladiators also necessary
    5. Yahoo Names CEO with Strong Track Record, Good Upper-body Strength
    6. Video games expected to evolve in 2009, human-like appendages expected by 2018
    7. No credible terror threats seen for Super Bowl unless Cardinals advance
    8. Finger length may predict financial success and pointing efficiency
    9. Caffeine Can Cause Hallucinations, Super Powers
    10. Kepler Spacecraft to Hunt Earth-Like Worlds, Destroy Them

      A new something or other…

      I haven’t posted in an absurd amount of time. I’m coming to the time where I decide to not blog anymore and delete the whole thing. Then, a little later, realize I’d still like to blog and have to create a new one. Then, once again, I’ll have a blog to post something on, maybe once a month, that no one will read besides me and a friend or two. Oh well, the spice must flow.

      There is a point to this blog, as I have once again succumbed to a futuristic technology. It’s nothing really new, but alas I have fell into the Twitter abyss. So far, it doesn’t seem like much more than a place to collect facebook status messages, but I’m going to keep with it to see if I can discover the unavoidable allure of it all. And even if that’s all it ever turns out to be, I guess it’s a good, fun waste of a few minutes a day. Besides, I know that there are many, many people out there hanging on my every status update.

      On my way out, let me just say Merry Christmas to those of you reading. I hope your holiday is blessed and happy.